Welcome to the first post of my new children’s book blog.

Reading with my children is my favorite part of being a parent. The idea for this blog came to me a few weeks ago when it was time to find some new books for my almost three-year-old daughter and couldn’t find a worthwhile resource for suggestions. While some Web sites arrange their suggestions by age groups and even gender, I’ve found the age gap to be too large and the suggestions often off the mark. In my experience, the best suggestions come from family, friends or a bookseller (if you’re lucky enough to have an independent bookstore nearby).

So my main goal for this blog is to discuss great books for infants and toddlers. As my kids grow and their interests change, so will the range of books discussed. I also hope to highlight favorite authors and share ideas for where to buy, sell and/or donate books. I hope this blog becomes a site that parents visit when they are looking for some new books and don’t know where to turn. The recommendations will hopefully come from readers’ comments as well. My daughter’s reading interests and scope are constantly changing and now that I have a baby boy, I will need even more help picking out new books!

What we’re reading today: The Little Engine that Could by Watty Piper

Why: I tried this recently and she gets it! She understands the idea that the little engine tried and tried and eventually persevered. At least, that is the part she keeps repeating. Toddlers are stubborn, right?

What I’m looking for: A good book about summer or beaches. Any ideas? Something like The Snowy Day or Winter Walk