This Little Piggy

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A  few months ago I got up early (for me) – around 5:30 a.m. I’m definitely not a morning person. But I’ve heard and read so much about writers who have children getting all of their writing hours in before the kids are even awake. And so I thought I’d give it a try. I crept down the stairs, made the coffee, opened that screen, and was surprised by how easy it was to get going. I wrote a few solid pages before I heard the doors begin to creak open upstairs. I turned off the computer, already all caffeined-up and felt like I had it all.

And then later on that day, I reread what I had written during my early session and realized that I had completely messed up the timelines in my novel. The story I’m writing takes place during three different time periods. Basically, I had a character from the present day timeline calling to talk to her husband about something that she worried happened to a character from the middle timeline (the eighties). That was all I needed to convince myself that indeed I am really not a morning person. I am just not productive during those early hours. I’m not meant to drag myself out of bed that early to work on something creative. [Read more…]